Bee Creative


Holy $@*#  !!!  Outstanding Cara!  This looks incredible.  Very clever angle you took with it.  Great effects and CG.  Robi is on his game.  I got chills watching it.
Jamin Winens (“11:59” trailer)

Thanks for doing such a great job. Really loved the trailer.
Edward Burns (“Purple Violets” trailer)

I am so thrilled with it!!
You did an AMAZING job.  Wow!  What more can I say… ?  This is a happy day.  Thank you,
Ron Brown (“A Perfect Fit” trailer)

I am the writer/director/producer of OUR VERY OWN, and I have been wanting to get in touch with you to let you know how fantastic I think the trailer is you did for Spotlight.  My whole team is just so thrilled with how beautifully you “got” the film and the response has been overwhelmingly positive to it.
Cameron Watson (“Our Very Own” trailer)

There is nobody better in the business!!  Your trailers are incredible!  We
couldn’t be happier.  Your experience in worldwide distribution gives you
the edge that most marketing executives lack – You definitely know how to market a movie and give it worldwide appeal!
Shauna Jackson (President, Showcase Entertainment)

“Excellent design firm and very professional in every way”
Mark Litwak (numerous Key Art Campaigns)

“… let me please recommend that you call Cara Shapiro.  She is the BEST in this industry and can make Chicago Overcoat look like a studio picture.”
Lise Romanoff (Managing Director of Vision Films)

I’m as impressed as I thought I would be.  I can tell you already that the problem won’t be deciding upon the direction, it will be deciding on a single comp.  And just so you know, Alex looked at them as well.  His exact quote, if you’ll excuse the vulgarity, was “these are f**king awesome!”
Adam Rockoff (“Moe Berg” key art)

“we at iLimeLite are so grateful that you pulled out all the stops to meet our deadlines. You are incredible.”
Drew Jackson (CEO iLimeLite)

When “someone out there” found the link to Air I Breathe, it leaked all over the internet really fast.  Within the last 72 hours, the trailer has been viewed almost 9,000 times.  And all the associated message boards have people just raving about it.
Karl Hirsh (“Air I Breathe” Trailer)

In only two months, the trailer to the hotly anticipated action film, GALLOWWALKERS, has gone viral, garnering more than two-million views on YouTube.
VMI Worldwide